Work-related asthma in clinical practice. Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd. 2022 Aug 10;166:D6695.

Work-related asthma is an underestimated problem. More awareness is needed for early identification of work-related lung diseases to prevent permanent damage in patients with lung diseases. Work-related asthma can lead to an increase in the burden of disease, the number of exacerbations and hospital admissions. Therefore, exposure to substances with irritating and/or sensitizing properties should be regarded as an additional treatable trait in asthma treatment. The number of occupations where such exposures plays a role is large and diverse. Inquiring about the profession, activities or future career choice of the (asthma) patient during the first consultation is of great importance for the correct diagnosis and treatment. Cooperation between pulmonologist, lung nurse, ENT specialist, dermatologist, company doctor and occupational hygienist can contribute to this. A regional organization with a 'multidisciplinary consultation' for occupational lung diseases is important to guarantee optimal care and advice. The clinical case series demonstrate work-related asthma in clinical practice